I make $170 a day thanks to TRON smart contracts :)


Do you know that there are smart contracts that pay you every second and admin can’t withdraw members funds? They last usually 3–6 months, but the most important part, all funds are protected on decentralizaed smart contract :) (audits are made by external blockchain companies and my crypto friends). Everything can be verified on Tronscan.

I spend with my friends a lot of time for research such projects and we choose 1 project every 2–3 months. All thoroughly reviewed by us.

We are currently in one project that has on a balance:
$1,450,931 (32,967,684 TRX) !!

To withdraw funds, you just need TRX (Tron) and TronLink wallet (Chrome addon). Funds can be withdrawn at any time, they are not frozen! I can guide you step by step and help with anything.

The most important part, you risk only 4–5 days, after this time everything is ONLY PROFIT :) How it sounds for you? You can start with 100 TRX (~$5). We can also tell you, when it’s the best time to start withdrawing your funds (we check smart contract condition on daily basis).

Write to my Telegram: @jessic01
or e-mail: jessicashifle@gmail.com

No referrals are needed, you need only TRX on your wallet.

ATTENTION! Current project is only 1 month old and admin want to relaunch it, when it collapse! It’s HUGE OPPORTUNITY to be on the beginning next time :D It’s currently #1 dApp in rankings (~$2.77M daily volume and grow quickly).

btw. Sorry for my English, it’s not my native language…

A little about me :)
Jessica, 23 years old. I am a graphic designer and fashion creator. I’m from Slovakia. I love travel (if you would like to take me on a journey, just let me know! :D). Thanks to my friends, they introduced me to cryptocurrencies in 2017. I am just a holder, made a few 10–30x (THETA, CELSIUS, RARIBLE) and now invest in smart contracts. I also like to read books about psychology, medicine.

Terms: cryptocurrency market is risky and your capital is at risk. However, we are doing everything we can to give you the best opportunity at the right time. We encourage all members to start with a small amount, e.g. 1000 TRX ($45), withdraw initial amount after 4–5 days and then reinvest/collect only profits.

Jessica S.

Crypto. Smart Contracts. Graphic Design.